The Luach Application is intended to be a helpful tool to keep track of a womens Halachic dates.

It can be acquired (no charge) for iPhone and iPad at this link and for Android at this link.

We would GREATLY appreciate feedback about any issues you encounter or about how you feel that we can improve Luach.
We can be contacted at or at 732-707-7307.


The Luach Application has no Halachic status whatsoever, and can not take the place of a Rabbinic authority in any matter.

If Luach is fully relied upon for Halachic matters in any shape or manner, there is a good chance that severe transgressions of the laws of Taharas Hamishpacha will occur; some of which carry the penalty of Kareis.
In addition to this, as matters of Taharas Hamishpacha have a strong impact on Shalom Bayis, your Rav may advise special leniency (or special stringency...) in certain Halachic situations; something which Lauch of course, will not do.

Also, please be aware that there are many Halachic situations that Luach does not cover.
Some of them are too complicated Halachically for electronic calculation, and others are simply impossible to pre-determine by calculation (think about Kavuahs of Vesset HaGuff).
As a general rule, Halacha and computers are often a bad mix, as a computer can only deal with hard data and Halacha is fluid and "alive".

It is also important to keep a separate record of the information stored in Luach in an outside location, as your device may get lost or broken.
In addition, it is important to keep in mind that no computer program is 100% infallible and there probably exist undiscovered mistakes and bugs in Luach.

These pages explain many of the terms and features of Luach.

They are NOT intended to be a Halachic guide or a primer on the laws of Taharas Hamishpacha.

Due to the nature of the Luach app, many matters of Halacha come up in these documents.
An effort was made to not come across as determining what is the proper way to go for matters that have more than one opinion.
But this effort for the most part is woefully inadequate.
This is mostly due to the need to set default values for Halachic Settings, new Entries and new Kavuahs.
For these, the more prevalent opinion was usually used as defaults.
It is important to not be lulled into feeling that because Luach has a particular opinion set as the default value that is the "way to go".
For the Halachos of Taharas Hamishpacha more than any other, each situation needs its own Rabbinic determination as to the proper way to go.

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